Providencia Necklace

All Andra Jewelry is designed by the designer and handcrafted in Medellin, Colombia by local artisans.


Everyone needs a beautiful pendant necklace for that fancy night out – everyone needs the Providencia Necklace. This piece features a long sterling silver chain and a crystal quartz gemstone. This stone is one of the most powerful healing stones in the mineral kingdom. Crystal quartz is beneficial for many things, including healing, meditation, protection, and manifesting. 

Providencia is appropriately nicknamed “Flower of the Ocean,” as it’s a paradise island with tropical forests, crystal waters, and blue skies. By day, the island is perfect for those who want to admire the different beaches and tourist sites. By night, visitors can attend bonfires with Caribbean music, open bars and restaurants, and romantic nights out. 

    • Type: chain and pendant necklace
    • Style: boho chic
    • Materials: sterling silver and crystal quartz gemstone
    • Weight: 0.93 oz
    • Size: 34"


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