Agate is a translucent kind of microcrystalline quartz. It forms in the cavities of igneous rocks by depositing silica from groundwater. Agate can help a person achieve a calm and well-balanced state if they suffer from stress or anxiety.


We can all agree that the amethyst crystal is one of the most popular materials out there! Many people all over the world have at least one piece of jewelry with this crystal. Not only does amethyst stimulate the third eye and crown chakras, but it’s also emotionally calming. Because of this, it’s a great material for assisting in overcoming addictions. Amythyst is a powerful stone with high spiritual vibration, which helps awaken the conscious awareness of the soul and infinity.


The Avalon stone comes from Glastonbury and can range from black to brown in color. It’s been linked to Goddess Worship and even has ancient memory within planetary consciousness! The Avalon stone absorbs negative energies, protecting you from harm and emotional stress.


Citrine can range from a pale yellow to a rich orange color. Its bright hue reflects vibrant energy and is believed to heal, protect, and comfort those who own it. It’s also believed to be the gemstone of wealth and money. Wear this gem to embrace positivity and optimism in your life!


Coral is made from a marine polyp, meaning it comes from living matter rather than minerals. It’s a unique gemstone used in jewelry, known for its smooth texture and warm colors. Coral can occur in a variety of colors, from pink to white to red to even black! Many people believe that oral has healing relaxation, transformation, and protection properties.

Crystal Quartz

Also known as clear quartz or rock crystal, crystal quartz is a colorless natural form of silicon dioxide. It’s a plentiful material, and its mineral deposits can be found all over the world. Crystal quartz is a master healer, bringing energy, harmony, healing, clarity, and calmness. It’s also great for bringing the body into balance.

Dalmatian jasper

This precious gemstone is perfect for helping individuals who want to make the best possible choices. Dalmation jasper helps you become more aware of your thoughts and maintain peace within yourself. It’s ideal for helping you find the right balance between the opposing forces of darkness and light. Physically, dalmatian jasper can support the body’s natural balance and help purify the blood.


Howlite is a calming stone, which is why it’s often used to help people sleep. It’s great for balancing calcium levels in the body while helping the teeth, bones, hair, and muscles. The howlite stone teaches the wearer patience and helps to remove anger and rage. It absorbs intense emotions such as stress, tension, and anxiety. Howlite helps clear your mind and encourages you to stay focused.


Jade is a durable material used for many tools, sculptures, and jewelry. People generally think of green when it comes to this gemstone, but it can also come in various colors, such as white, blue, red, and orange. Jade is known to reflect growth and liveliness.


Jadeite is the primary form of the gemstone Jade. It’s typically found in rocks with a high-pressure origin and forms through metamorphism. This material, along with nephrite, has been called jade for years, but jadeite has a different mineral composition (aluminum-rich pyroxene). This material is a bright green color.


Resembling jasper and having a blending of colors, jaspe comes from the specimens of the microcrystalline quartz. Its healing powers include helping a person manifest strength, courage, and wisdom. Jaspe healing properties can also lead you to joy and prosperity!


You’ll recognize malachite by its rich green color, which represents the beauty of nature. It’s formed by the surface weathering of copper ore. This stone absorbs negative energy from the atmosphere and your body, making it a protection stone. In ancient times, people used to wear malachite to protect themselves from evil!


Obsidian is an igneous rock that forms from the rapid cooling of viscous lava. It’s commonly black and has a glassy luster. Since it’s not that hard, many artists have carved sculptures using obsidian. People also use obsidian to help heal them and overcome many of life’s challenges.


Onyx is a gemstone formed by the deposition of silica in lava’s gas cavities. Many people can dye this stone in different colors, but any natural form of onyx will be black or banded black and white. This powerful warrior stone can help rid of any negative thought patterns and free you of fears.


Opal’s mental and physical healing powers are outstanding! It promotes freedom and independence, stimulates originality and creativity, and aids in expressing one’s true self. This precious gemstone also strengthens the will to live by treating infections and fevers, purifying the blood and kidneys, regulating insulin, easing childbirth, and alleviating PMS. Each color also activates a different chakra. Pink opal is good for the heart chakra, and yellow opal is good for the solar plexus chakra.


Pearls are simple yet beautiful. They provide healing to your mind, physical health, and spirit. The pearl gemstone can also enhance your feelings of goodwill while soothing and healing negativity. Physically, this material aids certain conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. It makes sense – since it stimulates the heart chakra!

Raw emerald

Emeralds are the most valuable and desirable gemstones out there! Known for their distinctive green hue, emeralds can be found in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks in some locations around the world. Emeralds are incredibly durable, making them ideal as jewelry.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a common material, as an abundance of it can be found in various locations of the world. This name is given due to the pink specimens of quartz. Rose quartz is a healing crystal known as the gemstone of love, which is what makes it a popular material for crafting jewelry.

Ruby epidote

Ruby and epidote are two powerful healing stones, so putting them together can make you unstoppable! Ruby epidote is great for energizing and strengthening the body. It’s great for firing up individuals who have been lacking enthusiasm while dissolving feelings of self-pity, sorrow, and grief. If procrastination is an issue, ruby epidote can help you complete tasks and block out negative energy.


Sodalite is a rare mineral distinguished by its blue color. It occurs in crystallized igneous rocks and is a great sculptural and architectural material. Sodalite helps a person tap into their inner wisdom.

Smoky Quartz

This material is darker in color, coming in hues of brown due to its exposure to underground radiation from granite deposits. It’s an abundant material that can be used to carve material. Smoky quartz is also known for its healing properties. This gemstone can remove negative energy, purify your energy, and help you feel more grounded.

Tiger Eye

A tiger eye is a metamorphic rock that comes in shades of reddish-brown. It forms from fibers of the mineral crocidolite that are replicated by silica. The tiger eye gemstone is a popular one, commonly used in men’s rings and cufflinks. It also comes with numerous healing properties that can help balance a person’s physical and emotional wellbeing.