Galerazamba Chain

All Andra Jewelry is designed by the designer and handcrafted in Medellin, Colombia by local artisans.

Everyone needs a dainty little chain necklace for a date night. The Galerazamba Chain is made of a sterling silver chain that carries a delicate rose quartz gemstone. It’s great for opening the heart and promoting love, friendship, and inner healing. 

This chain is inspired by the pink sea of Colombia, located in Galerazamba. A fun fact about this magical-looking place is that the sea is actually a salt mine. Salt-loving microbes give it a bright pink hue as they create pigmented protein to absorb the sun’s energy.

  • Type: pendant necklace
  • Style: elegant and traditional
  • Materials: sterling silver and rose quartz
  • Weight: 0.10 oz
  • Size: 9.5"


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