Atlántico Bracelet

All Andra Jewelry is designed by the designer and handcrafted in Medellin, Colombia by local artisans.

The Atlántico Bracelet is elegant, traditional, and casual all at the same time! Materials used for this piece include rhodium, agate gemstone, and zircon. When wearing this bracelet, each material puts the wearer in a well-balanced state. This piece allows you to rebalance, embody strong energy, improve your mental state, and look good while doing it!

The name comes from the city of Barranquilla, which is the capital district of the Atlántico Department in Colombia. Its tropical climate, fauna, and natural resources make it a wonderful area for people to feel more at peace. 

  • Style: elegant, traditional and casual
  • Materials: rhodium, agate gemstone and zircon
  • Care: when wearing, avoid using perfume or lotion in the areas where the piece is worn
  • Weight: 0.16 oz
  • Size: adjustable


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