MED Fashion Week 2022: My Outfit part I

Mon, Dec 12, 22

MED Fashion Week begins with two runways and of course, I had to think carefully about my outfit and what it meant to me to be in this important event and the first one that I have participated in Colombia, so let's begin.

 For this outfit, I wanted to mix and match with things that I already had in my closet and not go shopping, because the truth is I have a lot of clothes, and I didn't want to stand out on this day either.

The jewels I was wearing were the Córdoba Set (earrings, necklace, and ring) made of natural stones, malachite, and pearls. As this set was inspired by the department of Córdoba in Colombia, it represented for me to bring these pieces my roots and where I come from. Although I was not born in Montería, my parents are from there and it is where I have always gone on vacation since I can remember, but hey, that story deserves a different blog hahaha. The green of the necklace helps to balance my heart chakra, which is the one that is linked to all emotions and allows me to enjoy this moment fluently.

 The green color is a split complementary with red and pink, so I knew that the jewels would stand out very well with these two colors and I decided to put on the red pants, wide and with movement which suits my body shape very well.. Being in the lower part, helps me balance the root chakra, which is the connection of the body with the physical world, it gives me identity and security. This chakra, which connects with the earth, also means the materialization of dreams and manifestations physical and that is why I wore it, more than anything to reaffirm and thank the materialization of my dreams.

Finally, the pink shirt, the boots, and the black bag were nothing more than simple accessories to finish highlighting the outfit.

What do you guys think?

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