5 tips to pack your travel bag

Tue, Sep 27, 22

Before being an image consultant, I made many mistakes when buying clothes, but many more when packing my travel suitcase. I packed many things in black color and many clothes (sometimes repeated) and when I arrived at my destination, I realized that I did not use even half of the things that I had packed. That generated excess weight in my luggage and having less space to return with souvenir purchases that I made and sometimes I even had to buy a new suitcase just to return with the things that I had not used on the trip. Do you feel identified with this? Don't worry! In this blog, I have compiled 5 Tips for you to pack your optimal, versatile, very fun travel suitcase, and the best… without overpacking clothes that you will not need.

Tip #1: Check the weather

Once it happened to me that I was traveling to a city that I thought was hot, because it is located in the desert (Las Vegas) I asked my friends and they told me that maybe it would be a little cold, but with only a jacket I would be fine. It's Vegas so I wanted to look as sexy as possible and wear short skirts and open heels. To my surprise, it was completely frozen at a temperature of approximately 5Cº!!!!

 I had a bad time, I got sick, and this ruined my trip completely. Before traveling I wish I knew it was important to check the weather, so I knew exactly what to pack! After all, you don't need to have short skirts to look sexy.

Tip #2: Choose a range of colors

 Once you have your destination and the weather, the next step that I recommend is to choose a range of colors. This will help you: not always pack the same colors and therefore the same garments. It may happen that you have a favorite blouse, for example, in green, but it may not match the rest of your suitcase, so this will result in you packing extra clothes that you do not need.


 Look at the trends of the season. Today, strong, and vibrant colors such as fuchsia, orange, green, and purple are very fashionable.

 Be guided by the color wheel

 Once you choose the first color, for example, fuchsia, start to see all the colors that you have in your closet that combine with fuchsia. Remember the principles of combination (monochrome, opposites and color triads)


 Do not forget basic clothes in neutral colors so that you can also combine them with the color palette that you carry in your suitcase.

 The best thing about this is that it will force you not to repeat garments since this will limit your options when it comes to packing as well as it will fuel your creativity to increase the combinations or the 'mix and match' between garments.

Tip #3: Choose clothes wisely

 Once you know the weather and the range of colors, think carefully about what are those garments that, according to your style, are best suited to this trip. Is this a white t-shirt or a crop-top? Is it a jean or a short? Or is it sneakers or sandals?

 Tip #4: categorize and fold

 It is important to categorize the clothes you wear, either by outfit or by garments. Fold them in the style of your preference, but make sure it is organized so that everything fits very well in the suitcase and you use as little space as possible. A very good way to categorize is to have organizers, especially for small items such as swimsuits, socks, underwear, accessories, etc.

 Tip #5: priority

 Last but not least, pack the clothes depending on the priority of use. For example, I always pack my pijamas last because it's the first thing I wear in my final destination and that way I don't have to mess up the whole suitcase to find it.

 If you want to see how I pack a travel bag. Check out this video on my YouTube channel https://youtu.be/z3btpabe9UQ where I show the step by step of these tips. I’ll be waiting for you! Don't forget to subscribe!

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