Sincelejo Deluxe Hoops

All Andra Jewelry is designed by the designer and handcrafted in Medellin, Colombia by local artisans.

These hoops are casual and creative! Made of sterling silver and freshwater pearls, the Sincelejo Deluxe Hoops make a beautiful addition to any outfit. Pearls are known to help dissolve negative energy by surrounding it with Devine Light. It can even help you achieve homeostasis by connecting your lower and higher chakras. 

These hoops are named after Sincelejo, located in the Colombian Caribbean. It’s known for its mountains, savannas, gulfs, and marshes. Tourists can also enjoy many other activities when visiting the area, including the National Bagpipes Festival and the Vueltiao National Hat Region. 

  • Type: hoops earrings
  • Style: casual and creative
  • Materials: sterling silver and pearl-like
  • Weight: 0.16 oz
  • Size: 2.7"


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